Mission Report 2010 – 2011

Gisteravond besprak de zendingscommissie m'n verslag over de maanden juli 2010 – april 2011.

This report covers a ten month period. I received a good health and was able to continue the work in Soshanguve CC. And I really enjoy it.

I think there are reasons to thank God. We saw growth in CC. Growth in numbers, but also in faith, in commitment and in ownership. Nevertheless, the congregation is still weak. I am not optimistic about the future of this preaching point.

1.     Services

Every Sunday at 08h00 we could have a church service, led by one of our male members. Most of the time I preached in CC. Since January we focussed on discipleship, reading from the gospel of Matthew. Earlier I preached from Isaiah, Mark and Ecclesiastes. In September the cell group concept was introduced with four sermons from the new testament.

Attendance varied between 25 and 60. CC has now 74 members (49 adults, 25 children).

In January and in March we received new members through profession of faith and baptism. Five members were erased from the books. Every second month we celebrated the Lordxe2x80x99s supper. The church was also present with Godxe2x80x99s word at a wedding and several funerals.

In my evangelism I focussed on the area around the church. This did result in only one new contact coming to church. More successful were some members, bringing neighbours, friends and relatives along. The Athletes in Action project during the 2010 FIFA soccer world championships went well, but unfortunately in CC there has been no follow-up.

2.     Teaching

At this moment five people are preparing for profession of faith and baptism. I am teaching the new membersxe2x80x99 course in two groups. On Fridays we have the catechism class with six learners. The 12-15 class is handled by Jack Mnisi and other members on Wednesdays.

Unfortunately our Sunday School collapsed once and again. I put the responsibility in the parentsxe2x80x99 hands. In April we finally saw some signs of new life.

3.     Church life

The youth Bible study on Sunday after church started well. Unfortunately the ladies are not faithful in their attendance. The young men are, also attending the choir practice on Fridays and xe2x80″ their own initiative xe2x80″ meeting as brothers for prayer, Bible reading and discussions.

Our cell groups xe2x80″ Groups 2 Grow xe2x80″ are doing relatively well. Five groups meet weekly or fortnightly for Bible study and prayer. Not all members are faithful in attendance. I try to encourage and instruct the leaders and to attend regularly in all groups. The results are visible: more fellowship within the congregation, discovery of spiritual gifts and outreach to non-members.

Since I meet the church members more often in the cell groups, I visit the members less frequently. Still, I invest much time in pastoral work. In the diaconal work I receive assistance from our two deaconesses.

4.     Finance and future

Financially, CC did well in 2010. Tithes and offerings were almost doubled. After the 2009 disaster, the finance committee reported an R 8 000 surplus. We could even pay the Mission Board back the money we still owe them for our church stand. And the 2011 budget includes saving for a church building.

The coming months of 2011 will be used to reflect on the future of CC. A committee has been appointed to advise the church council in this matter.

5.     Other activities

I was active as a coach

  • … for Rev. George Mnisi (on behalf of the classis)
  • … and also for Phineas Kgatle, for Bongani Ndhlovu (xe2x80x98my studentxe2x80x99 in CC) and Ruard Stolper (appointed by the deputies for theological training).

I served the Pretoria congregation as its counsellor. In that function I had the privilege to chair the classis in April that admitted Sam Matlhokoane to the ministry.


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