Thabo Matlaela

En opnieuw mocht de classis een van onze studenten toelaten. Broeder Thabo Matlaela (39) legde z’n classicale examen af. Hij is vanaf nu beroepbaar als predikant of zendeling.

Het was een lange dag. Eerst een gesprek over roeping en motivatie. Daarna een preek met de beoordeling. Dan 9 vakken met 9 verschillende examinatoren. Tenslotte na een langdurig beraad de uitslag en de felicitaties. Slopend voor Thabo. En dat alles in het Engels, ook voor hem niet z’n eerste taal!


Thabo en Monicah Matlaela hebben drie kinderen. In z’n preek over Psalm 127 kun je merken dat hij every inch een vader en een pastor is. Praktisch en pastoraal. Ik geef een paar citaten:

God is our ultimate security, unless we depend upon Him, our ordinary precaution are not enough to keep us safe. We must have the police to protect us, we must have bucklers on our door and windows, brothers and sisters let us not put our trust and hope on the buckler proof and also in the police because they have their weakness, they are sinful human beings as we are and the bucklers can fail to work but with God is different, He is always with us, we can trust Him.

Our safety is only in God. When our efforts to be secure distract us from our devotion to God, we have no protection. There are those who think that real protection lies with the Sangoma, Traditional doctors to come and to strengthen and to secure their houses, family and work. As the Bible says ‘For God grants sleep to those He loves.’

Who are the ones that are loved by God? Brothers and sisters those that are loved by God are the ones that put their hopes, dreams, strength in the living God, and those ones, wants to be build, ruled, watched and mastered by the Word of living God.

Those are the ones that allow Jesus Christ to be their foundation. That believes in Jesus Christ and also to be the Lord of their lives. Not a Sangoma, not a traditional doctor

When we seek to be secure in our own efforts it is meaningless

As often you hear people saying, I have worked hard and I deserve to be happy and spend my money the way I want. As Christians we should warn others that for us to work, to be strong and healthy it is the providence of God and His grace towards us.

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. Brothers and sisters an arrow is incapable of directing itself. You give your arrow a direction to hit the target. That means as parents you are responsible to direct the early lives of your children. Children are born foolish and without any good judgement, like a Sotho proverb (Bana mamphorwana maatlhamela babolai) small birds or chick when you come to them catch them they will open their mouth expecting food, – so are our children they are innocent they accept everything that is given to them. As parents you promised when your child is baptised, that you will instruct your child. That means you will teach your child the ways of the Lord.


They lack wisdom and discernment, even worse every child is born with a fallen sinful nature.

Ps 51:5 ‘Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me’ Ps 58:3 ‘ven from birth the wicked go astray; from the womb they are wayward and speak lies.’

Proverbs 22:15 ‘ Folly is bound in the heart of a Child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him’

Brothers and sisters what will happen if the child is not given direction, they will bring shame on you. That is why today children are left to themselves and TV is their parents, when real parents mothers and fathers are working and arrives home very late and children will start smoking, drinking and became involved in many wrong things. Just look at the crime rate in our country.

The only way to build a family is by allowing God to be at the centre of your home, is by seeking salvation outside of us in Jesus Christ.

Brothers and sisters let us not teach something to our children and live differently as parents we must be a role model to our children. As Joshua in chapter 24:15 said ‘ As for me and my household we will serve the LORD.’

Let the word of God be authoritative in your life, in your home and in how you raise your children. The Word of God must be the central authority in your life and in how you raise your children.


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